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Cascade Collection 
Earthy scents inspired by the PNW 

The Cascade Range Mountains run through Washington, Oregon & California. Some of the tallest peaks and largest mountains exist within this Range making it some of the most breathtaking. This Collection first started as an idea inspired by requests to create more woodsy, masculine & earthy scents year round. I was drawn towards the idea of mountains as they are majestic, strong and breathtaking and evoke that woodsy scent even in the Spring and Summer months ~  I have lived 40+ years of my life on the West Coast in all three of these states and skied, hiked and trekked parts of the Cascade Range ~ so it was fitting to honor the amazing essence of these beautiful Mountains! 

As with all my Bungalow Candle Collections, I start with research. I researched what grows in the Cascades, and the aromas we are familiar with in these mountains. I  worked with notes of cedar, mountain air (yes this is an actual fragrance oil! I only work with non toxic of course) , rugged forest, earthy hemp & maple leaf to name just a few of the fragrance oils and essential oils  blended to create these first (3) offerings in the Collection! I hope you will love them as much as I do. 

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