Shipping Candles: How to Make Sure Your Gift Gets There Perfectly

Sending Candles as Gifts

You already know candles make a great gift. There are so many varieties, shapes, and sizes. You can choose a scent based on shared experiences, a person’s personality and preferences, or even give a classic scent to stay on the safe side. 

It’s easy to give a candle as a gift in person. All you need to do is wrap it in a little tissue paper and place it in a cute gift bag. 

But what if you’ve chosen the perfect candle and need to send it to a friend or family member who isn’t just a car ride away? Or maybe they are close by, but you want to surprise them with a gift mailed directly to them—I mean who doesn’t love getting a surprise package in the mail? 

You can find tips on how to easily package and ship your candles here, along with some other candle-gift-giving ideas!

Shipping Candles: It’s All in the Details

Depending on which candle you’ve selected, it may come in a glass jar or a ceramic bowl. Or it could be just the wax candle itself without any container, like a pillar or taper candle. No matter what type of candle you are sending, the goal is to have as little movement as possible within the box you are using. Here are some ways to achieve that goal.

Choosing the Box

The first step to shipping your candles is to choose the right size and structure of the box. A corrugated cardboard box is going to give strength and durability and will hold up well in travel. While there are bubble mailers that can work based on the size of your candle, you’ll want to ensure your candle is protected.

When choosing a shipping box, you don’t want the box to be too big, otherwise, you’ll need to buy extra filling and it will increase the overall cost. And you don’t want the box to be too small. There does need to be room for the wrap and filling to keep the candle cushioned.

So just like in the famous fairy tale, you need to find one that is just right. To point you in the right direction, USPS gives the helpful hint of allowing 2 inches between the candle and the wall of the shipping box. This will be just right for the type of cushioning needed to ship your candle or even multiple candles in one box.

Cushion Your Candle

Wrapping your candle with different types of cushioning will keep the jar from breaking or damaging the wax during transport. When giving a gift, you not only want to ship it there safely, but you want it to be attractive as well. Here are the essential steps for packaging your candle for shipping.

First, wrap the candle in tissue paper, kraft paper, or butcher paper. You can attach a sticker to the edge once it’s wrapped for a delightful detail, tie it up with string, or wrap it tight enough that the paper stays in place.

Next, use bubble wrap around the candle and place it in the box. The bubble wrap should cover both the bottom and the top of the candle, not just around the outside.

Finally, fill the empty space in the box with crinkle cut shred, biodegradable peanuts or popcorn, or scrunched-up kraft or butcher paper. This is necessary only if your box is bigger than the wrapped candle.

Once you believe you have enough cushion for your candle, give your box a little shake. If there’s movement of the candle, then you’ll want to add a bit more fill. If it doesn’t seem to move at all, you’ve achieved your goal!

Lastly, once you’ve taped up the box, add a tag labeled “Fragile” to the outside. You can also write it out by hand in large letters with a marker. This will draw the attention of the carrier when they’re handling your package. They’ll be alerted that this box needs a little extra care.

Shipping Candles in Extreme Heat or Cold

One question that is asked quite often is how to ship candles without them melting. This is a concern when you are shipping candles in summer or if the destination is far and there’s worry about the amount of time the package will spend sitting in trucks or buildings or in transit. 

On the opposite end, there can also be some concern if shipping in freezing temperatures. While not as common as the concern of a candle melting, extreme cold temperatures can cause the wax to crack. This can reduce how long it burns and may not look as pretty to the person receiving the candle as a gift. 

If either of these is a concern, there are some specific ways to help prevent this.

Choose the fastest shipping method. While this may cost a little more, the less time a candle is in extreme heat or cold, the more likely it won’t melt or crack. With the post office offering Priority Shipping, faster shipping time is more accessible and cost-effective than it used to be.

Another option when concerned about melting is to use ice packs for shipping. Not the kind that can leak water or dry ice—that would cause a different kind of mess! 

You’ll want to choose a gel ice pack (or two depending on the size of the box), which are easily searched online or available in many stores since families use them to pack lunches. 

Add the gel pack after the candle is wrapped in its cushioning. You don’t want it to be right up against the candle, but instead able to keep the inside of the box a cooler temperature.

Additional Shipping Ideas For Gifts 

Self-care gift baskets that include candles are a very popular gift. But when thinking about having to ship an entire basket to a friend, that becomes a little daunting. Instead, try this alternative. 

Create a self-care-themed gift using a decorative or colored box or a cute tin. These types of boxes and tins can be found in the wedding or birthday section of a department store or a specific party decor store. You can also find colored or designed boxes at the post office or other shipping stores. 

Pack the box or tin with items of your choice, using the same methods above. Wrap any candles or other glass items with tissue paper and use crinkle cut shred as decorative filling.

Depending on the type and number of items in your gift package, you may or may not need the bubble wrap. For example, if your self-care theme includes cute slippers or pajama bottoms, these can easily be placed strategically (and still elegantly) to ensure the candle doesn’t move around. 

Once you’ve packed the decorative box or tin, tie it up with string or ribbon so that the receiver will have the experience of opening a gift “basket”. This box is then placed inside the actual shipping box and the rest of the steps for safe shipping can be followed.

Don’t want to hassle with boxes and cushioning? Ship candles straight from a small business! Many candle makers offer gift sets or candle subscription boxes that are packaged elegantly as a gift already. You can choose the scent, then count on their expertise to package it well and send it conveniently as a gift. 

In fact, for some easy gift-giving, take a peek at the options from Bungalow Candle Studio. They offer gift sets, themed gift boxes, giftlets, and Bungalow Boxes™ (their unique twist on candle subscriptions). 


Now that you’ve learned to be an expert shipper, you can send candles confidently to family and friends.  Giving the gift of candles is sure to please and your gift will arrive safely and be a beautiful gift to open.

Oh and don’t forget to include a personalized note inside! It’s those little details that give it the perfect final touch.

Happy Shipping!