Recognize the 4 Types of Scents to Find Your Perfect Candle Easily

Our Favorite Types of Scents

Everyone seems to have their favorite type of candle scent. You might be drawn to vanilla and cinnamon scents no matter the season. You’ll light that fall-scented candle in July with no hesitation. Or you visit a friend over the winter holidays and their home smells like clean linens rather than a more traditional winter scent.

So often we don’t even realize we have a scent type until we’re specifically asked about it or it’s pointed out by someone who knows us well. And usually our preferences have to do with memoriesWe associate a favorite experience from childhood or the lingering feeling of being safe or comforted with a specific type of scent. 

No matter where we are, there seems to be a never-ending variety of scents. We have so many options when choosing candles, perfumes, or soaps. And the fact that now there are cleaning supplies in various scents shows us just how important scents truly are.

4 Types of Scent Categories

Some scents are very distinct and you can identify them right away. Others are a little harder to figure out. Michael Edwards is a specialist in scents and created The Fragrance WheelThis identifies 4 specific categories or families of scents. 

Edwards’ Fragrance Wheel is an authority throughout the scent-creating world—think perfume aisles, scented lotions and soaps, essential oils, and of course candles. But it's also easy for the everyday person to understand and use. 

According to the expert, there are 4 types of scent categories: woodsy, fresh, floral, and amber. 

Let’s dig into each one to really get to know them. This way you can use your scent knowledge to find the right candle for you or when looking for a gift.

Woodsy Candle Scents

Although this scent category has its description in its name, there are some scents that fit here that may not come to mind at first. Of course, think walking through a forest—the scents of pine, dry wood, and fall leaves are some likely scents that we associate with woodsy. But some scents growing in popularity, like juniper, vetiver, and sandalwood, are also in this scent family. 

Woodsy candles are usually described as earthy, masculine, or warm. Fall and Winter candle scents traditionally have a woodsy foundation to them. When blended with floral or amber scents they create a spicy aromatic scent.

A woodsy scent can be very emotionally grounding and create a sense of safety and comfort for many people. It reminds our brains of the natural calmness of a forest, of being in nature, which can bring about a feeling of peace and well-being.

Bungalow Candle Studio has a wide variety of woodsy-scented candles in their Fall and Winter Collections. In these candle collections, woodsy scents are combined with amber and floral scents so you’re sure to find a favorite.

Fresh Candle Scents

Fresh candle scents are also referred to as clean scents by many people. Think clean laundry, citrus trees, and fresh-cut grass when putting a candle into this scent category.

Aquatic scents that remind you of the ocean or summer rain also fall into this family. The Coastal Collection at Bungalow Candle Studio is a perfect example of this. Combining aquatic and woodsy scents, these candles will transport you to the Oregon Coast with their scent.

Herbal scents are also included in this scent family. Rosemary, Sage, or Basil are often combined with citrus scents like Lemongrass or Wild Orange. This mixture creates wonderful scents for the kitchen. Perfectly named as the Kitchen Collection, Bungalow's candles will brighten up this area of your home. 

Fresh candle scents are energizing, bright, and refreshing. They can lift your spirits and give you a sense of restoration. Candles in this scent category are great mood boosters. Keep a couple on hand for when you need a little pick-me-up. 

Floral Candle Scents

The floral scent category is as diverse as nature itself. It includes flower scents that are soft and light, like rose petals or lavender. And also more complex and rich scents like Jasmine or Gardenia. Many scents in this family are paired with other scent categories to create a wide range of floral-based candles.

Floral scents are often described as feminine, powdery, fruity or flowery. In fact, an entire season can be used as a description for this scent category—it smells like Springtime! You’ll find a variety of floral scents in both the Spring Collection and the Classic Collection at Bungalow Candle Studio.

Amber Candle Scents

Most often described as exotic or spicy, this scent family is exceptionally aromatic. Its most famous scent is vanilla and it may be the most distinctive of the 4 scent categories. Think sweet, savory, and spicy for these scents. 

Frankincense, Amber, and Myrrh are popular musky scents in this family and create a sense of warmth and richness. Scents of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Coffee are also amber scents and are often combined with woodsy scents to create a luxurious savory candle.

The Bohème Collection at Bungalow Candle Studio uses scents from the amber category to create candles that are warm, creamy, and exotic. 

Finding the Right Candle Scent

Whether you're looking for a candle for yourself or as a gift to someone else, knowing the 4 scent categories will give you a great starting point. With so many varieties and scent combinations, you can now easily determine the main scent of the candle. Then you can decide if it creates the kind of feeling you want in your home.

Choosing a candle can be personal. A scent could remind you of an experience, memory, or time in life that brings you peace, joy, or comfort. You love that scent because of what its specifically associated with for you.

But choosing a candle can also be intentional

How do you want a room to smell? Clean, warm, crisp? 

What do you want people to feel when they walk into your home? Energized, calm, happy?

Making a candle choice based on the scent categories can be very beneficial in this way. Start with the end feeling or desire in mind. Then use your new knowledge of scents to easily find the perfect combination for you.


Find all the candle collection and scent combinations at Bungalow Candle Studio to begin creating the perfect feeling in your home.